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For a wide range of different requirements
New solutions for interior doors

Teknos now offers two new water borne topcoats for industrial interior door coatings:

TEKNOCOAT AQUA 2575 is a quick-drying coating for vertical use. The product has very good blocking properties and can be tinted using the TEKNOCOLOR tinting system. Recommended primers include TEKNOCOAT AQUA PRIMER 1866 and TEKNOCOAT AQUA 1875. TEKNOCOAT AQUA 2575 makes an outstanding all-round solution for interior doors which are vertically coated. The product is available immediately as base 1, 2 and 3 in pack sizes of 10 and 20 litres.

TEKNOCOAT AQUA 2580 is a water borne topcoat which was specifically developed for high-resistance surfaces. Its quick drying time and excellent blocking properties makes it ideal for industrial processes. It returns a very hard and tough surface which meets the most stringent requirements. TEKNOCOAT AQUA 2580 is used in a system with TEKNOCOAT AQUA PRIMER 1866 or TEKNOCOAT AQUA 1875 – both available as factory tinted.

Both newly developed products have already been tested under industrial conditions and have proven themselves in practical use.

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Core range of products for interior use
The right choice for Teknos customers


Teknos is your ideal partner when it comes to wood for interior use. We have sized up our extensive product lineup and selected a core product range which covers all of the standard requirements. This gives Teknos customers a good overview of preselected products to help them find a suitable coating solution that is available right away. For individual production lines customers can of course rely on the assistance of experienced application engineers.

The core range includes solvent borne, water borne and UV-curing coatings for mouldings, interior doors, kitchens, floors, stairs and furniture. It covers various requirements ranging from fast and cost- effective production to the highest standards in surface quality. The products have proven themselves in practice and constitute the best technology currently available. With these solutions, Teknos customers will always be on the safe side.

The core product range is expressly intended to serve as a preselection. A broad spectrum of additional products will also be available depending on specific requirements and local markets. The table provides an overview of the core range – click the link below.

We also have a new brochure available in March/April which summarises the most important applications and system recommendations.

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CLP regulation
New hazardous substance warnings

Chemical products will have to be classified and labeled in accordance with EU Regulation 1272/2008 (“CLP Regulation”) by 1 June 2015. This means that Teknos products will be labeled differently, even though the formula and contents of the containers have not changed. In the future, for instance, water borne products might bear a warning of the risk of allergic reactions, or products containing solvents might bear an additional hazard pictogram for ‚flammable‘. This is not because the formula has changed – only labeling requirements have.

Teknos will successively be converting to the new CLP labeling and modified safety data sheets over the next months. This means that labels and packaging will be changing as the result of the new regulation – even though the products will remain the same.

For more detail on CLP regulation, see:
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Teknos at the Scandinavian Coating fair 19.–21.05.2015

The entire spectrum of industrial coating

Striking design surfaces, corrosion protection, fire protection or antimicrobial emulsion paint – there is hardly a coating requirement which Teknos does not have a solution for. Teknos will be presenting its extensive range of industrial coating solutions for metal, wood, mineral and plastic surfaces at Scandinavian Coating in Gothenburg, Sweden (stand F01:30) 19th to 21st May

We look forward to meeting you!

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Coating in practice:
Wood for interior use


The simplest things are often responsible for faulty coatings. Here are some important aspects you should keep in mind when coating interior products:

Cracks in the surface (with water borne coatings)
Cause: The drying process took place too quickly. This is usually due to insufficient air humidity or excessive air circulation in the work environment.

Parts painted white have blue edges
Cause: The coatings is not viscous enough

Porous surface
Potential causes:

  • The coating selected is not suited to the substrate
  • The spray nozzle is too large
  • Not enough coatings was applied

Orange skin
Typical causes:

  • The spray nozzle is too large
  • The surface did not have enough time to evaporate before drying
  • The substrate had not been sanded smoothly enough before being coated

Excessive atomisation during vertical door spraying
Potential causes:

  • Insufficient air humidity in the spray booth
  • Insufficient paint application

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User report: Tvilum (DK)
Sophisticated furniture surfaces


Danish manufacturer Tvilum ships around eight million pieces of furniture all over the world each year. The company thus ranks among the world’s most prominent manufacturers of ready-to-assemble furniture. Its extensive product range primarily covers flat-packed furniture and focuses on quality and attractive design at various price points.

Tvilum manufactures its products exclusively at its four plants in Denmark. The company has relied on Teknos coatings since 2012. The high-gloss coating makes use of a 100% UV-curing system with UVILUX sealer, UVILUX primer and UVILUX topcoat. The coating meets the most demanding international standards, such as requirements for chemical resistance. Cabinet doors in particular are finished using this system, usually with an opaque coating in white, black or various trendy colours.

Tvilum is currently starting up an additional production line where it will be using Teknos coatings continuously for a normal, more matte finish. This means that more and more customers all over the world can look forward to furniture with finishes from Teknos.

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Case study: Wooden bridges from Versowood
Beautiful, durable and ecological

Harri Mäenpää,
Project Sales Manager at Versowood

Impressive wooden bridges soar to lofty heights in the Finnish landscape. A new wooden standard bridge design launched by Versowood will enable the use of ready-made structural solutions and cost-effective implementation. Versowood Group is Finlands largest private wood-processing group, manufacturing upgraded wood products, glued laminated timber, wooden packaging, and energy products.

Versowood has developed two standard bridge models for vehicles and pedestrians, thus providing engineering offices with ready models and structural solutions. Contractors benefit from lower manufacturing costs and factory-assembled elements.

In the field of surface treatment, Versowood has long relied on the high-quality products of Teknos, which are perfect for the surface treatment of salt-impregnated wood. NORDICA EKO 3330-03 topcoat combined with AQUATOP 2920 alkydacrylic paint or varnish provides long-lasting protection against the weather for wooden bridges.

The next few years will tell whether more durable and beautiful wooden bridges will rise in Finland.

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Centria University of Applied Sciences
Expertise on surface handling

The R&D unit of the Centria University of Applied Sciences, located in Central Finland, offers expert services to various businesses including surface handling. The wood technology laboratory is equipped with an industrial-scale surface handling line for testing processes and results.

Centria’s R&D department has carried out several tests for Teknos. Among them is for example a stacking test examining the sticking propensity of NORDICA EKO 3330 (for cladding). The results have lent valuable aid to the planning of Teknos customers’ surface handling process. A test currently in progress involves the measurement of water absorption in order to find the best possible surface handling combination for cladding.

Performed in standard conditions by a neutral party, such tests ensure that Teknos customers will benefit from top-quality products, real-time technical service and comprehensive surface handling solutions.

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Case study metal coating
Comfortable train travel thanks to
Teknos coatings


The new double-decker DuettoPlus carriage is one feature the Finnish railway company VR offers to ensure its customers travel in comfort.

It boasts a modern restaurant and multifunctional area with a meeting room and individual seats. All coated surfaces of the bogie and chassis of the new DuettoPlus are coated with Teknos products. These include the TEKNOPLAST PRIMER 7 epoxy primer and high-solid polyurethane coating TEKNODUR COMBI 3560. Teknos has worked together with the railway company VR and railroad car manufacturer Transtech Oy for many years. The new DuettoPlus is the result of five years of development work.

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