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New fire-retardant coating for interior wood panels

Fire-retardant coatings are essential for compliance with fire safety regulations in wood construction. Teknos is now offering a solution for interior wood panels: the new Teknos FR PANEL system. Applications include interior wall and ceiling panels in the interior or in areas which are not exposed to weathering.

The system is based on the fire-retardant, clear coating TEKNOSAFE 2467-00. This coating foams up when subjected to heat, creating an insulating layer made of microporous carbon foam, which effectively insulates the treated wood against heat. Depending on the specific requirements, TEKNOSAFE 2467-00 is used either alone or as a Teknos FR PANEL system with the clear coating TEKNOCLEAR AQUA 1331.

The coating is classified for factory manufacturing and meets requirements of Euroclass B S1, d0, as long as the quality management requirements are fulfilled. Detailed information on fire protection class, substrates and application is available on request. The new fire-retardant coating is expected to be available by November of this year.

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“Treet” construction project in Bergen (Norway)
Teknos coating for the world’s tallest wooden building

Fourteen storeys tall with a breath-taking view of the Norwegian harbour city of Bergen and scheduled for completion in November 2015, the 51-metre tall “Treet” is the largest timber apartment building in the world. It is being built by BOB BBL, which is one of Norway’s largest housing construction companies with its inventory of 22,500 domiciles.

The building consists of a supporting wooden frame structure made of gluelams and pre-fabricated, stackable building modules. In total, it offers space for 62 apartments, a fitness centre on the ninth floor and a rooftop terrace with a view over the Norwegian harbour metropolis. “Modern urban construction means intelligent use of space with sustainable materials, and our project shows that this can definitely be achieved with wooden structures,” explains BOB project manager, Ole Kleppe.

Fire-resistant with TEKNOSAFE
The gluelam construction elements for the road and fjord sides were coated with the fire-retardant TEKNOSAFE 2407 coating directly at the factory by the supplier, Moelven Limtre. Elevator shafts and other concealed elements are also treated with the fire-retardant TEKNOSAFE 2407 coating.

The visible surfaces of the laminated timber elements on the interior were treated on-site with the new TEKNOSAFE 2467-00 and TEKNOCLEAR AQUA 1331 clear coating. Teknos application technicians trained the craftspersons who performed the work at the construction site and equipped them with special measuring instruments. This is because the certified fire-retardant effect requires a wet film thickness of 200 μm.

“Treet is a flagship project in which we make use of innovative, intelligent solutions,” says BOB project manager, Ole Kleppe. “It combines Norwegian timber construction tradition with modern Scandinavian design. As a residential building, the Treet offers the benefits of an energy-efficient, passive house with the healthy indoor climate of a wooden structure.”

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Interior door coating
Maximum quality with TEKNOCOAT AQUA 2580

TEKNOCOAT AQUA 2580 is a waterborne topcoat which is ideally suited to industrial processes, thanks to its short drying times and excellent blocking properties. It yields very hard, robust surfaces which meet the strictest requirements. TEKNOCOAT AQUA 2580 is used in a system with waterborne primers, TEKNOCOAT AQUAPRIMER 1866 or TEKNOCOAT AQUA 1875 and is tinted at the factory.

Manufacturers already making successful use of this coating include Porta KMI Poland, one of the leading door manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe. The decision-makers were persuaded by its high surface quality and outstanding ability to smooth out unevenness, as well as the less visible fibres of the processed MDF/HDF substrate. Its mechanical and chemical resistance also do an outstanding job of meeting the demanding requirements in this field.

“Industrial coatings for interior doors make up an important segment for us,” says Carsten Lauth, Strategic Business Director Interior Wood at Teknos. “We can offer our customers a tiered range of products. From economical volume production or maximum surface quality, we have competitive solutions for a wide range of requirements.”

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New knot sealer for the interior

With resinous softwoods, the escaping resin can cause discolouration at knots. The pigments in the resin can cause yellowing on the paint surface, especially with white opaque coatings. Preventing these discolourations requires a special primer.

Teknos developed the latest knot sealer TEKNOCOAT AQUA PRIMER 1867-50 for this very purpose. The acidic white primer is specially designed for knotty pine wood on interiors. TEKNOCOAT AQUA PRIMER 1867-50 binds the colour substances in the resin and ensures that they remain inside the wood. This prevents knots in pine from causing discolourations in the topcoat treatment with white or light opaque paint.

TEKNOCOAT AQUA PRIMER 1867-50 is expected to be available in November 2015.

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Cost-effective clear coating

Extremely high transparency, very good adhesion and an outstanding cost-to-benefit ratio are optimum conditions for high-volume coating for general interior use. And that’s just what the new waterborne clear coat TEKNOCLEAR AQUA 1331 was designed for.

TEKNOCLEAR AQUA 1331 is still highly transparent if applied in two or even three coats. A typical structure consists of two 150 g/m2, on untreated or stained wood. The product is also ideally suited to woods such as oak, meranti or iroko. TEKNOCLEAR AQUA 1331 is easy to work with and can be applied with all spraying methods.

Initial practical experiences in Poland confirm the benefits the product has to offer: easy to work with, good surface quality and, above all, a highly attractive cost-to-benefit ratio. This makes TEKNOCLEAR AQUA 1331 an excellent choice for economical, high-volume production.

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Founder’s granddaughter assumes operative management
Paula Salastie has been CEO of Teknos since April

Second and third generation: Paula Salastie with her father Martti Kiikka

Paula Salastie (36), granddaughter of Teknos” founder, Osmo Kiika, became head of the Teknos management board in April of this year. She is assuming this position from Pekka Rantamäki, who will continue to support Teknos in an advisory capacity until he enters retirement. Teknos is one of Finland’s largest family-owned companies today. As a third generation member of the Kiikka family, Paula Salastie has long been involved in the management, along with her brother, Petri, and her father, Martti Kiikka. She has held various positions in Teknos’ daily business operations since 1997. Paula Salastie”s election to the position of CEO in April marks the completion of her long-planned transition to the operative head of Teknos.

Paula Salastie brings with her: managerial experience, entrepreneurial spirit and customer orientation for her new position. Innovative solutions will be playing a central role for her in the company’s future development. “I’ve learned from my father to be curious and open to new ideas at all times,” says Paula Salastie. “This openness and the creativity of Teknos employees have enabled us to develop many innovative solutions over the past few years, including antimicrobial paints, fire-retardant coatings and scratch-resistant lacquers. And this is how Teknos will continue to develop in the future: with innovative, practical solutions which strengthen our customers’ market positions.”

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User report
Treehouse beds with Teknos paint

© LIFETIME Kidsrooms /
M. Schack Engel A/S

LIFETIME Kidsrooms are intelligent furniture for children”s rooms which “grow up” along with the child, from baby to teenager. This innovative concept is the work of Danish furniture maker, M. Schack Engel A/S. The company has been developing and producing children’s furniture since 1972, and its products are now represented in around 30 countries worldwide.

High quality standards are an essential part of the LIFETIME philosophy. “We rely on high-grade materials, solid design and Danish quality workmanship,” says Keld Nielsen, who runs the company as managing partner, together with John Engel.

M. Schack Engel has relied on Teknos coatings since the very beginning. The company currently runs two production lines with Teknos systems. The furniture maker uses a system with AQUAFILLER 1100 and TEKNOCOAT AQUA 1878 for its white opaque coatings. Flat elements are coated in a UV curing UVILUX system.

“Teknos coatings give us a high surface quality which fulfils our quality demands and meets the relevant safety and environmental standards,” says Keld Nielsen. “Technical support and service are also important to us, and our experience with Teknos has been very good in this department as well.”

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Teknos in Belgium
From Eupen to Oostende

Hendrichs Sales Manager Didier Kirch (l.) and Managing Directors Andrea and Christoph Klüttgens

Teknos coating systems have been available on the Belgian market for ten years now. Hendrichs AG is our Eupen-based sales partner. This specialist wholesaler supplies woodworking tradesmen and industrial operations in Belgium, Luxembourg and the neighbouring regions of Germany. Since the autumn of 2013, the Teknos sales partner has also been operating in Flanders with its new logistics site in Zandhoven and expanded external sales team.

Both sites are equipped with Teknos tinting machines. The company also runs a cutting-edge training centre in Eupen with spray booths and overhead conveyors. “We don’t just consider ourselves a paint supplier. We also make it a major priority to provide qualified consultation,” says Managing Director, Christoph Klüttgens.

Hendrichs has long relied upon Teknos for industrial wood coatings. “We have been selling Teknos coatings for ten years and have many long-term customers who have had very good experience with them,” says Sales Manager, Didier Kirch. “Teknos has a well-developed product range which does a great job of covering the requirements of modern window and door production.”

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Renaming of GORI products

Concentration on the Teknos brand

More than six years after acquiring the GORI Industry division, and to streamline the primer and filler/ intermediate product assortment, Teknos will now be phasing out the brand name GORI for primers and fillers/ intermediates, and will be changing the product names as of beginning of 2016.

For instance, GORI primers will be renamed Teknos AQUAPRIMER, while GORI intermediates will receive AQUAFILLER designations. Important for customers to acknowledge is: Only the product names and ordering information are being changed. The products themselves will still be available in the same quality and formula.

Customers will receive a detailed list of the products and versions affected in time for the switch, complete with all the new ordering information. Your local Teknos contact person will be glad to assist you with any questions you may have.

“Since the acquisition of the GORI Industry division, the teams in research and development, sales and application technology have been merged, and Teknos is now known in markets where we were not highly active under this brand until 2009,” says Product and Marketing Manager, Søren Juhl Hansen. "The general pressure keeping a streamlined product assortment alive and vivid is why the time has come to contract on a single brand. It is important to keep in mind that we are not changing the tried-and-true GORI formulas, but only renaming the products. Customers will still have a complete range of high performance products in the high quality they are used to.”

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New Teknos company in India

Teknos expands its business in Asia further

Teknos is stepping up its presence on the Asian market with a sales organisation of its own in India. India is one of the strongest growth markets in Asia and, with a population of 1.3 billion and rapidly rising demand, is an important sales market for an internationally active company like Teknos.

Teknos has already been represented by a business partner in India for years. The new company is intended to expand our business in the subcontinent further, starting with the field of industrial coatings for metal. Teknos’ new local subsidiary is also bolstering its support for several large-scale European customers with production facilities in India. Founded at the beginning of 2015, Teknos Coatings and Paints is headquartered in the West Indian business metropolis of Mumbai.

In charge of the business in India is Anand Joshi, who joined Teknos as Technical Sales Manager in 2014. Anand Joshi is a plastics technology engineer, and he previously worked for the largest industrial coating manufacturer in India. With this new sales company in the world’s second most highly populated country, he now coordinates Teknos’ activities in an important market for the future.

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Coating recommendations
Natural wood surfaces on the exterior

AQUATOP 2600-67 and 69 on rosewood, ebony, teak and zebrawood

GORI 666 on pine and larch

Colourless coatings are the key to naturally beautiful, long-lasting wood surfaces in the outdoors. The requirements are many, ranging from high UV protection to grain accentuation. Teknos offers a versatile product range for a diverse array of requirements in this segment.

Light softwoods, high UV protection
AQUATOP 2600-66 (resp. GORI 666-24): Clear coating with high UV protection and gloss grade 30. Ideal for light softwoods such as pine and spruce.

Dark woods, high UV protection
AQUATOP 2600-67/-69 (resp. GORI 660-67/-69): Clear coating with high UV protection and low obfuscation. Suitable for dark species of wood (both domestic and tropical), perfect for larch, Douglas fir and exotic woods. Gloss grades 70 and 30.

Light softwoods, matte interior surfaces
AQUATOP 2760-30 ans AQAUATOP 2760-35 (resp. GORI 675 and GORI 475): Without UV protection for natural indoor surfaces (such as wood/aluminium windows) with an oiled appearance (gloss grade 5). AQUATOP 2760-30 for light softwoods, such as spruce or pine; AQUATOP 2760-35 is ideal for larch with its greater accentuation.

Light softwoods, matte exterior surfaces
AQUATOP 2760-31 and AQUATOP 2760-36 (resp. GORI 675-01 and GORI 475-01): With light pigmentation and UV protection for outdoor surfaces.

Are you looking for the right coating for your product?
We’ll find the solution that fits! Teknos places a comprehensive product range and an internationally experienced team of application technicians at your disposal.
Just ask your local Teknos contact person!

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Coating for wooden windows
Meranti with or without wood protection?

Meranti is a popular wood in window construction. Red and yellow meranti are the most widely used of the roughly 150 species. However, fluctuations in gross density affect durability and thus the coating needed. The most important question: does meranti need chemical wood protection?

Based on its long-term experience, Teknos expressly recommends impregnation for durability class 2 or poorer. Here’s what this means for the species of meranti typically used in window construction:

Wood species Gross density
(acc. to EN 350-2)
Light Red Meranti (SHLR) ≥ 0,45 Class 3-4 with wood protection
Dark Red Meranti (SHDR) ≥ 0,55 Class 2-3 without wood protection
Gelbes Meranti (SHYM) 0,50-0,70 Class 3-4 with wood protection

(Table according to Thünen Institute of Wood Research, coating recommendation from Teknos)

Teknos recommends the following system as an optimum coating for meranti woods in window construction:

Coat Opaque Translucent
(if necessary, see above)
(resp. GORI 356)
(resp. GORI 356)
Priming AQUAPRIMER 2901
(resp. GORI 615)
(resp. GORI 615)
Intermediate treatment AQUAFILLER 6500
(resp. GORI 650)
(resp. GORI 650)
Topcoat treatment AQUATOP 2600
(resp. GORI 660)
(resp. GORI 660)

Our Teknos application technology experts will be glad to help you with any questions you may have on ideal coatings for meranti. Just ask your local Teknos contact person!

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